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The items listed below may now be purchased at The Notary's Store. The Acknowledgment and Jurat certificates come in quantities of 100 certificates in two 50 sheet pads. Our California Forms Pack contains other certificates and forms used by notaries as well as the listed Acknowledgment and Jurat certificates.

Product Picture California Acknowledgment Certificates

California acknowledgment pads required by the State of California for use effective January 1, 2015. This Edition of the certificate must be used after January 1, 2015.

100 quality certificates in two 50 sheet pads.

Each certificate contains approved notarial wording for a California acknowledgment.

Keeping a pad of acknowledgment certificates handy is one of the best ways to stay prepared for unexpected document issues. When acknowledgment wording is missing from your document or not usable, simply detach a certificate, complete and attach to the document being notarized.

These pads include a fantastic optional information section and are printed in two colors.

Product Picture California Certificates and Forms PDF Pack

This Pack contains Acknowledgment and Jurat certificates; these are used most frequently by California Notaries. Other affidavits and certificates that are generally used are also in this Pack. Useful forms for Notaries Public are also included.
This product includes access to periodic revisions.

California Acknowledgment, California Signature by Mark,
Authorization for Minor to Travel
Jurats and Affidavits
California Jurat, Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness,
Credible Witness, Jurat with Affiant Statement, POA Copy Certification,
Line Item Entry copy certificate, Document Custodian copy certificate,
Affidavit of Citizenship
Other Forms used by Notaries
Notary Contract for travel, Notary Public and Employer Agreement and
Patriot Act Identification Form.

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